About Craig

Actor-Conjurer-Speaker that's CRAIG ALAN. Utilizing over 20 years of performing experience; from coast to

coast, CRAIG ALAN is one of the most sought after entertainers in the corporate & commercial market.

Whether it’s a conjuring performance, a lecture on the psychology of magic, a television commercial, radio voice-over, or an industrial print shoot, CRAIG ALAN is the personality of choice for many corporations. Sony Corp., Ford Motor Company, On Star, Ricoh Systems, Chrysler LLC, PPG, the list goes on and on...Top dollar corporations such as these, expect nothing but the high quality talent when it comes to their entertainment and professional acting & modeling services. These companies continually and consistently turn to CRAIG ALAN.

Conjuring & Mentalism...

If you are looking for entertainment that will have your guests or staff talking for weeks, then your search starts and ends here. Craig can put a customized presentation together for you that they will never forget. Whether it’s a company business meeting, trade show, awards ceremony or just an informal gathering of friends, you will witness visual prestidigitation and experience the illusion of having your thoughts plucked right from your mind. Craig has taken his unique "IMPROV-ABILITY" and combined it with his incredible talent for writing, performing and creating the impossible to bring you the world’s first and only "TRULY INTERACTIVE ART FORM" Motivational & Educational... Have you ever wondered why the mind is fooled by a simple piece of magic? Would you like to learn how you can take the same principles employed in the deceptive arts and apply them to your personal and professional life to help you to get what you want when you want it? Craig has put together lectures & seminars just for that. Take a deep look into the psychology of the magical arts. Learn why the techniques are used and why they work. Then learn how you can make them work for you too. Using simple, yet effective tools you can learn to create a dynamic, memorable first impression. You can increase your memory power, learn to recognize body language queues, learn to take control of conversations to get what you want and SUCCEED! Acting & Modeling... As an alumnus of the Second City Improvisational Training Center and co-founder of the comedy troupe 94 EAST, Craig has written, produced and starred in a plethora of productions, but it doesn't stop there. Craig's performances reach far past the stage, with credits in film, radio and print as well. Craig brings many different looks and characters to life both on film and in print. With physical and personality attributes that give him the ability to portray characters from all walks of life. Blue Collar, White Collar, All-American, Father Figure, Sports Figure, from The Soft-Hearted Family Man, to The Hard-Nosed- Underhanded Bad Guy...and many, many more.
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