To Be Continued…

To Be Continued
By Craig Alan

(Said with back turned to the audience)

The light is bright enough to blind
So bright, it not only does it blind my eyes, but it blinds my mind
And my THOUGHTS, they have no meaning
I CANNOT comprehend, anything

My emotions run hazy
Fear, joy, anger, love, and bliss I think I am going crazy
And it’s oh so god damn cold
So cold that I am numb, numb from the trauma, numb from my long journey home

But suddenly things start to change
Things become more familiar and re-arrange
I feel a soft and gentle…touch
A touch from someone I know, but strangely I have never met

The touch is warm, like a piece of art
So warm not only does it heat my skin, but it heats my heart
My BREATH (inhale) is short, but becomes (slow blow out) much easier in the end
My emotions run calm, and now finally, I CAN comprehend

I am content, I am calm, I am loved and I am understood
And at least for the moment, EVERYTHING is good.
This is life….. (Turn around to face audience)

The next few years are a constant blur, but memories don’t show,
But as I grow, time grows too…..oh so fucking SLOOOW!
My day consists of long boring hours of school
But more importantly, it consists of ball gloves, B.B Guns, dogs, Lego’s, snakes, frogs and swimming pools

Hot Wheels, Tonka toys, sand, mud and Monopoly
Rock’em Sock’em Robots, Hungry Hungry Hippos, SORRY!
Clue, Right hand red, left foot blue, so much fun it makes me sick,
“You sunk my battleship you DICK…..”
Watch you mouth boy!”, “Sorry Dad”.
“And make sure you are home before the street lights come on, don’t make me mad
That means when the lamp starts to buzz, your ass better be pedaling….got it”

This is life and I can deal with it.

(Tick, tick, tick)
Time…..The pace starts to increase, but the school days are still sooo fucking long.
But the summers (finger snap) fly by, like a bird and a its song
The summers…..ah the summers, the summers unbelievable
Teenage years are unbelievable.

Might be better if Mom was around, ain’t that a BITCH…
But its okay, I can handle it.
I get my license, my first car, my first drive-in movie…those were the best of times
My first love, first sip of alcohol and of course, GETTING LAID….for the very FIRST time!

Now I am not talking 1st, 2nd or even third base. Not a hummer, a hand job, a blow job or even a rug munch. I am talking about real, hardcore, pure unadulterated teenage SEX…..intercourse…FUCKING. But for the very FIRST TIME………

And just when you think it can’t get any better, cuz you want it to last
BOOM! It’s over? “What the fuck was that, man was that fucking fast”
I can do better than that seriously, it was just too tight
Hell, I am only 16; I can do this all night….right?
Beside I have a whole 2 liter of Fruit Punch flavored California Cooler…..Starting to show my age.
But, this is the 80’s and the 80’s are great

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you the graduating class of nineteen hundred and…..

(Knock, knock, knock) Wake-up!!

The word of the day boys and girls is RESPONSIBILITY!

Time to get a J.O.B so you can afford them Guess
And you have to put gas in the P.O.S
But it’s cool, because 5 bucks, yes 5 bucks and the tank it’s full
And for you teenagers out there, that no bull.

I have a part-time job, with part-time college,
I’m part-time friend, with part-time knowledge
I’m a part-time adult and part-time child,
But it’s full time party that’s so fuckin’ wild.

Wait a minute, what did you say, RESPONSA-WHAT?
I can’t even spell that!

This is life kid; they say it so loud….
Deal with it….but I don’t want to now.

The rest is really oh so simple and I will try not to complicate
So I will only take a few seconds more of YOUR life, so you don’t have to wait.

Before you know it, the job is 9-5
Monday through Friday, even the weekends it’s hard to hide
The party is officially over, out of there
The mother fucking dog is pissing on the chair
And the fucking grass needs cut again I swear…

It’s the same ole thing….Day in, day out, same shit different day.
Work, bills, credit reports, household duties?
This wasn’t the life I was wishin’
Fuck the stories around the water cooler; I have something more important on my mind and damn-it, I’m going to say it, so you better fuckin’ listen!

I am tired of living by others standards, it a game I’ve never won
I am tired of regretting all the things that I SHOULD have and SHOULDN’T have done
I am tired of guessing what could’ve happened and how much happier I could be
I am tired of hearing of other people’s travels and good fortune, why the fuck don’t that shit happen to me?

I need a change!

I need a change, don’t we all, but where do we begin?
In order to see the change on the outside we need to change from within
Treat those like you want them to treat you.
See a starvin’ man on the street give him a buck or two.

Stop, look around, hear your friends and your loved, bit this time, LISTEN
Keep your head in the clouds, work hard, and DREAM, then soon you will GET the life you are wishin’
It may take some of us longer than most
But eventually we’ll ALL be celebrating with a toast

The road is a rough one to travel, a tough one to get through
The right path for me might not be the right one for you
But I think I got it, I think I found what I need
It’s like the book by Spencer Johnson, but I found my cheese!

I have a very long journey and yes, it’s a long way to go
It might take years till you see me on TV or my name in a glow
But I guarantee I will be there and hopefully with some of you too
But right now I must conclude ‘cause OUR story is to be continued.

Too bad, kid, this IS life…they tell me to deal with it, but I can’t.

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