Welcome to The Great Lakes Jack Russell Terrier Club My name is Craig and I am the Michigan JRTCA State Representative as well as the founder of the GLJRTC.  The main goal of the club is to promote activities, knowledge and preservation of the Jack Russell Terrier.  The club started out as just a way for myself and few other to get our terriers out with other dogs and to get practice time in for racing & GTG.  It has now grown to a list of people that just love their terriers and want to enjoy a day out with other terrier owners, race their dogs and share terrier tales. The initial members have put their hard earned time, money and effort into jump starting this club.   We used our own money and skills to purchase and build all of the equipment that we now have.  The club now basically functions on donations from our fun- day attendees.  We use that money to purchase fun-day supplies and for equipment repair and/or maintenance. As the State Rep. for the JRTCA, I encourage all of our fun-day attendees and club members to become a JRTCA member and to be active in their events. Should you have any questions about the JRTCA, the GLJRTC or the the Jack Russell in general, please do not hesitate to contact me. Enjoy your stay and I hope to see you soon! Craig
The Great Lakes Jack Russell Terrier Club
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